Health Insurance

Health Insurance plays a pivotal role in saving and planning for health-related emergencies.

Here are the five benefits you can avail through health insurance plan.

Don’t pay for hospitalization

You can avail cashless health insurance (indemnity based) at networked hospitals of insurance companies. It means that you do not have to pay the medical expenses at these hospitals. The insurance company will settle it for you on your behalf.

Cover for life threatening critical illness

The fixed pre-defined benefit type of medical insurance policies provides a fixed lump sum payment upon diagnosis and confirmation of certain critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, paralysis, kidney failure, etc. Irrespective of the actual amount spent by the insured, he or she receives the lump sum amount which can be used to fund rehabilitation, recuperation, lifestyle adjustment, etc.

Get a Convalescence Benefit

Some health insurance plans offer an amount for each day of hospitalization. Do not worry about keeping records of the actually spent to claim this daily cash. The daily cash amount does not depend upon the amount actually spent.

Avail tax benefits and safeguard your finances

A comprehensive health insurance policy with an adequate sum assured can help you meet unplanned healthcare expenses so that you do not have to dig into your savings or reroute our income. One can also avail pre-defined tax benefits by paying health insurance premiums.

Get allied benefits

Healthcare system in India has evolved with preventive health check-ups and improved diagnostics. Certain progressive insurance companies offer benefits that are generally not associated with health insurance policies. Some such benefits are: Free health check-ups, Tie-ups with health service providers, Discounts Coupons on healthcare services and Free Consultation with doctors.

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